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Hi Rick, thanks so much for the workshops you did for lead up to the 8th Biennial Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Show and Cultural Festival , the kids loved them and we are still getting fantastic feedback. Please find attached a confirmation letter for your workshop on the 17th of May for the day of the festival, we look forward to seeing you there, thanks heaps


Dear Rick
The event was fantastic and to see the kids with their Emu feathers was just amazing. They all thought that they were the toughest warriors out there!

Thank you again

Hi Rick you weren't joking when you said that ochre would never come off my shirt

Hi Rick,
Thank you - the kids loved it! Very hands-on and the best way to learn. The other teachers loved it too and have already asked me to book you for next year.

Thanks Rick!!!! We are blessed to have you working with our students

Dear Rick
Thanks so much for everything…you have been so easy to deal with! I help organise a large literature festival…if only all the presenters were as easy as you…


I did send you the ‘plan’ didn’t I? Attaching again in case!

Hey Rick,
As always you are a star.

Dear Rick
I was one of the participants at yesterday’s NAIDOC week celebration that was organised by the Department of Communities and Child Safety at the Mt Gravatt Service Centres. I didn’t really know what to expect from the day but I have to say I enjoyed the activities immensely. I absolutely admired your ability to make fire within minutes. One thing is for sure, I am not going to try getting on the Survivor!!! Thankyou for making yourself available for the day and that you have imparted some of the Indigenous traditions to us. It was a fantastic and fun day!! I hope we will you see next year, too!


Dear Rick,  
Just thought I would send you a quick thank you note.  The kids and teachers had a great time and learnt lots tooooo!  The parents sent many positive emails about what the children were teaching them about what you had done.  
You did a great job,  
Thanks again,



  Rick Roser Aboriginal Events Management ABN 92283142828
Blue Card ********/* P.O. Box 247 Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

Email: rickroser@bigpond.com
Ph:0422 275601


Grad.Dip. Art Education
Indigenous Presentations, Performances, Installations & Resources
Aboriginal Events Management   ABN  92283142828 Ph: 0422 275 601 P.O.
Box 800 Burleigh Heads Q. 4220 Blue Card *******/*
Email: rickroser@bigpond.com    Site:  http://braveant@bigpond.com.au

ATTN:  Head of Curriculum re: Indigenous Studies

Hello, my name is Rick Roser, my Aboriginal workshops have been engaging kids for over 30 years now, from first days at Prep right through to the last days of High School

...and by all accounts they are great fun, insightful and highly educational.........and %100 hands on.


...Because the Students learn real skills in a such a memorable way the activities have proven invaluable for Teachers to use as Indigenous references across the curriculum

...and with big shells of ochre, hundreds of emu feather hair decorations... scores of firemaking sticks, dozens of didgeridoos, enough boomerangs, spears, necklaces, arm bands...making them, using them, keeping some...what’s not to love?

.....real Indigenous information and culture shared and evaluated in a relaxed learning environment for all kids...


with real Ochres and Emu Story

with Fire Sticks

with Ochre painting and story

and SPEAR  throwing with a Woomera

All the good things, all hands on - fully accredited & perfectly safe... and providing a positive introduction to Aboriginal culture.

Alternatives/Back up for Inclement Weather/Circumstances etc…

DIDGERIDOO WORKSHOPS..... includes how to make sounds and circular breathe.
String Making.... Workshops with Natural fibres
Baskets.... Piccabean Palm leaves   

Storytelling is a major part of each session.

Murals and installations as well
Some of my art and artefacts have been collected by National & State Galleries, Museums and private collections.


... Timetable as your school requires..eg : 5 X 1hr, 2 X 45 minute sessions, double ups etc.
Each individual activity takes approx 15 mins so there are usually the 4  main activities to a 1hr.session.
All materials are supplied
The workshops are best located in an undercover outdoor area close to the oval.


             $400 to $550 part day + Gst.

             $900  (Per School Day) + Gst

.................Travel costs may apply

         Re: Ochre, the workshops cover ochre painting and start with the Emu dreaming story telling, where volunteers may get painted with the Ochres.

Great designs for faces/hands/arms/hair/Tshirts etc.
Ochre is natural Kaolin clay and brushes out....Wear an old shirt to get it painted with Ochre!!!  

Re: Hair decorations...Exquisite Emu feathers, Beeswax and Ochre hair decorations applied as a Dreamtime story progresses, Great fun learning and doing. Children keep the emu feather head dress and all may be painted up.

Re: Fire making,  Only I can rub two sticks together so fast I make a tiny spark... and then catch that spark in a pinch of puffed up grass... and coax it into a tiny flame... But everyone likes to try...Not a chance...Sorry...Fully accredited and perfectly safe.
Sometimes incorporates an acted out story especially for the younger audience...

Re: Boomerangs show our first attempts to fly. A variety of hunting, returning boomerangs are shown and demonstrated, different throws and their use for hunting or different conditions etc. 

Re: Spear & Woomera...a Spectacular example of a simple invention. Technology making a huge increase of physical power. 

Re: Didgeridoos - wait til you hear them practicing the Frog song.
PVC nylon water pipe didges ... sound better - and everyone can play.

Also available
Aboriginal Art&Culture Resources Kit on Cd
Aboriginal Art of Ochre Painting on DVD
Aboriginal Art of String Making on DVD
Aboriginal Art of Fire Making on DVD


Emu feather hair decorations

IMG_2562 Some contents of the Resources Pack





GREAT School Workshops
by Qld Arts Council

Hi Rick



Thanks for coming to our school. The kids loved it and still talk about the boomerang throwing and fire making especially!! The photos turned out well and you can see how engaged they were. When I asked them what they had learned it was surprising what they could recall and understood.Also surprising how some of the quieter ones had more to tell.
Please keep in touch and we hope to see you next year.

Hi Rick, Trust you are well. I'm trying to get you in early for next year again for an Aboriginal workshop session as you have wonderfully done in the past. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Dear Rick Thank you so much for yesterday. The students are happy and we are happy.I look forward to working with you again soon. Kind regards.


Dear RickThank you so much for visiting our school and sharing your wonderful
talents and stories. Every piece of feedback that I have had from teachers and students has been very positive - they thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the
activities you had organised.We hope to see you again soon.



Thank You so much for today. You are a legend how you handled such large groups of children. I promise next year to split the groups. Anyways back to you, the children and teachers all gave positive feedback to your demonstration.


Dear Rick
I would like to again thank-you. The children enjoyed the interaction and took away lots of useable information on Aboriginal Culture and mementos. I will be in contact with you over the next week regarding resources.Look forward to talking to you then.


Hey Rick,
Sorry buddy, I had to dash away for a couple of minutes of Sunday arve and by the time I got back, you were gone.Just wanted to say thank you for such a great week. Your knowledge and abilities are beyond extraordinary. It was a true marvel and privelidge to watch you at work.


Hi Rick,
Thanks for that fantastic experience you shared with us. I really enjoyed the experiences, and I loved being able to try things for myself. That beautiful fish you did on my arm lasted for 3 days (although the fins on my fingers came off when I washed the dishes that night). I showed all my friends and they loved it as well. Thank-you so much for that privilege.I hope to see you again next year for NADOC week.


Skills and

Ochre Painting
String Making
Fire Making


The Aboriginal
Art and Culture Resources Kit










Basic RUNNING ORDER.........Each individual activity takes approx 15 mins
Students break up into groups of 2 or 4 and are given the necessary materials.
The firemaking activity is used to link all the activities

I give a detailed demonstration and then the groups set to work. I start with fire making , show how it's done then invite the student groups to have a go.
(Don't worry only I can rub 2 sticks together so hard they make a spark, then catch that spark in a handful of dry grass and puff on it to
make a fire...but everyone loves to have a try and there is a full discussion about safety and a

Risk Assessment Available)

For younger students there is a Dreamtime story which has been universally loved for generations, about the coming of fire, acted out and retold using firesticks as the main characters and props....Apparently it's pretty fantastic, and I do it really well, but so I should after 50 odd years...
10 - 15 mins

After a while I call a break and introduce the different coloured Ochres, demonstrate their properties, meaning, discuss their history.

Any volunteers who don't mind getting "a little bit messy"??... all the hands go up... pick 2 and story telling relate through ochre face painting, hair dressing/emu feather decorations...
the Emu Dreamtime story about the land and the spirit..
Anyone else want to do that?...a resounding yes and so we start with the first colour.

Then after a demo of how to make and apply the Emu feather and Beeswax hair decorations in their groups with plenty of materials the kids make their own...After each person is painted they go back and have another go at the fire making or make more emu feather and beeswax hair decorations or ochre...

15 - 20 mins

Then out to the oval and I show the boomerangs, different throws, huting methods etc and the use of a woomera to throw a spear a long way.
Depending on conditions, some/all students
may take a turn at throwing the boomerang or spears... 5 mins or 20 mins

If time permits we finish with didgeridoo playing 10 mins

Teacher/curriculum requirements most welcome


Community involvement is often a feature of the workshops and permanent artworks; Murals, Sculpture & Artefacts have been created.
(and Great B.B.Qs, morning teas etc)


A Typical Time Table is 5 X 1 hour sessions, or 6 X 45 minute

Or as you require : Prep to Gr 12/Special

The workshops are usually located in an undercover outdoor area close to the oval.

Hands on workshops are best suited to single or double class sizes ...with teachers present. Multiple class sizes are best suited to Demonstrations.

Aboriginal Artist Rick Roser

Indigenous Studies activities
Hands on School Workshops

Please book now

Standard Cost is $800+gst per day
Travel costs may apply
$400+gst 1st hour-90 mins

Thank you for taking the time to read through all this,
I do hope you find this outline of interest and look forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards
Rick Roser


Hi Rick, We had an amazing day last Thursday and the children have been able to make connections between what you have taught them and what we have been reading in fiction and non fiction texts, for example the Rainbow Serpent, which we have read a few times this term. We also love our mural and we hope to see a picture of it in the Western Times next week. I have forwarded your name onto my last school on the Sunshine Coast as i loved the hands on learning experiences. I hope we can get you back here next year! Take care

Dear Rick,
I'm so sorry I missed you on Wednesday. - when I came to say goodbye and pay you, everyone had gone.Thanks again for a fantastic presentation at convention. It was all I hoped for.Best wishes,